Now what?

Monday, March 26, 2007

before spring break

I am so tired of school work, but in three days I will get a brief respite! My mom was here this weekend, which was nice. We got emma a kitty drinking fountain because she has become too special for non-running water. I fell on my butt in the restaurant last night; that was exciting. And my mom helped me make my own pj pants! They're awesome, but there's an extra buttonhole on the butt because we cut the pattern out wrong. It was fun, though.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Everyone in my house is violently ill right now and I'm trying not to catch whatever it is, so we're all fairly discombobulated right now. It's made for a very unproductive few days. I really can't wait until my mom comes up and spring break is here. It doesn't help that it snowed again yesterday and that it's going to be in the 40s next week, so everything will be disgustingly muddy. Great. I really hate March.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I needed to turn on the AC in my car today! It was so exciting. It's nice to want to be outside again. I went jogging for the first time in a really long while yesterday... a little sore now, but I'm going to go again tomorrow, not today so I don't hurt myself. I'm really tired now because I woke up in the middle of a really deep sleep, so I don't know if I'm going to be very productive tonight. Maybe I'll just save my energy for this weekend.

Friday, March 09, 2007


They've been playing a lot of travel adds for Texas recently, at the exact moment that I'm starting to get really homesick, and no, it's not just because of the cold weather. But I also love it up here and everyone up here, so, yeah. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to like settle down there at least for the next five to eight years or so, and I might end up in England, so go figure...That would be fun for Emma! I can't wait for spring break, I wanna go home.

oh kitty...

I think Emma just may be the stupidest cat in the world. She has no concept of danger and I feel like I'm constantly chasing her around the house to make sure she doesn't die or trying to find her to get her unstuck. And she licks a lot of things around the house that are probably dirtier than they look. I'm surprised that she hasn't poisoned herself yet. I guess that's a pretty good reason to make a vet appointment, just to make sure she's not dying, oh and I don't want her to get fleas or heartworms or anything. In the end it's worth it, though. She's so cute when she's tired, she gets really cuddly and clingy so you can scoop her up like a baby and she just loves it. And she makes me laugh really hard every day, whether it's leaping at a spot on the wall three times in a row or dragging one of her toys around the house or chasing her tail. She also makes me feel better about being alone in the house if Kat has a race or something. Nathan never comes home until late, also, so I have kitty. Then again, she runs into stuff a lot, but that's a small price to pay for a sweet cat who wants to spend time with you.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I really need spring break, I think I'm getting delirious and I don't have the ability to not procrastinate right now. This weekend will be terrible, but awesome. I have so much art to do, it's not even funny, but Sarah and I are having an art marathon on Sunday complete with movies, snacks, and caffeine because we always get wiped out a few hours into doing art. I had a surprise lunch with Ruth today, who is also freaking out, mostly because of a bio test, but also because some guy sleep-walked into her room the other night...there's a reason to lock your door. Plus, I'm tired of it being so freaking cold! I'm sick of wearing pants. I long for beaches and sun-dresses, simply because it didn't get cold until like now. And it didn't snow until like now, so I was preparing myself for spring, but then winter kicked into gear. If it had been snowing this whole time, I would be less upset. I hate having to brush my car off every morning, but I always hate that. It's funny seeing freshmen that don't know what to do with snow, but kind of pitiful. Anyway, I'm tired.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


In choir we're singing Dixit Dominus by Handel. According to our conductor, Handel must have been on crack when he was writing this because it's nuts! I'm one of 4 first sopranos, because all the rest of them were scared off and slunk back to the second soprano section. Today one first was absent and another was sick enough to not sing, so that left me and my friend Lilly by ourselves, singing freaking A's and B's over the whole choir. It's crazy, but pretty amazing. Part way through rehearsal we had to sing our part alone; kinda intimidating for us by ourselves, but our conductor, James, stopped and said that it is very rare that any two voices singing the same part, especially sopranos, blend together. That's why there are usually three or more people singing a part. So he said it was amazing how well we blended together, which was cool! It's nice to get complemented, but now my voice is tired.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


So going to Albany was a trip, figuratively. We ran into so much traffic that we ran in the theater in the middle of the previews. It was so freaking dark that Molly tripped going up the stairs. When I found a row to sit in I tried to get in it and ran into the chair on the end because I didn't realize I was one stair up. So I fell over the chair and, not realizing that I had to step down, fell on my face in the aisle. Yeah, I'm that awesome. The old guy behind me was like "Are you ok?!?!?" Molly and I snickered in our seats and she leaned over and said, "Everyone must think we're drunk." The rest of the night was fun, though we did see a pet shop and it made us really sad because they had a wall of puppy-mill puppies and they were the most pitiful things I had ever seen. I want to break in and steal them all because I obviously don't support that practice. There was this one little sheltie that was the worst. He looked so sad and bored because he was in this little cage with no toys, nothing to do, a lot of noise around him, and no one playing with him or taking him out or anything! I don't understand why no one makes a big deal about puppy mills, it was so sad! They shouldn't be allowed, yet everyone is more concerned with protecting chickens that people are eventually going to eat instead of dogs that are forced to have litter after litter and puppies that have health and behavior issues because of how and where they're born. Enough preaching. Despite that it was a really fun night, but coming home there was so much fog that I had to go 30 the whole way and it was so creepy looking that I ran in the house and locked all the doors because I was scared. But then Emma curled up with me as soon as I crawled in bed, so that made me feel better.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I feel so spacy lately. I kinda think it's because I always let myself stress so much, so I'm trying not to do that too much and to focus on being efficient so that I can have some down time where I'm NOT stressing about stuff I have to do. Granted, by posting an entry I'm procrastinating on a paper, but hey, I'm not perfect. This weekend I stained a bed frame and put it together. It was frustrating, not fun. Oh, and going to IKEA on a saturday is not a good idea, for future reference. By the way, we didn't have a choice. It wasn't like we were thinking "Oh, when should we go? How about saturday, no one will be there!" It was our only option, but it wasn't too bad, there was traffic as we neared the city, but it wasn't horrible since we were going to New Jersey. It would have made no sense to fight our way to Long Island, that's farther away than the one in New Jersey. So we made a day of it and enjoyed having a mini-road trip. This weekend Kat's going to be at a race and Sarah's going to Maine. I'm supposed to go to Albany with some friends to see a movie that they won't play in any theater anywhere near here! So we're having a little field trip. It should be fun.