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Saturday, March 03, 2007


So going to Albany was a trip, figuratively. We ran into so much traffic that we ran in the theater in the middle of the previews. It was so freaking dark that Molly tripped going up the stairs. When I found a row to sit in I tried to get in it and ran into the chair on the end because I didn't realize I was one stair up. So I fell over the chair and, not realizing that I had to step down, fell on my face in the aisle. Yeah, I'm that awesome. The old guy behind me was like "Are you ok?!?!?" Molly and I snickered in our seats and she leaned over and said, "Everyone must think we're drunk." The rest of the night was fun, though we did see a pet shop and it made us really sad because they had a wall of puppy-mill puppies and they were the most pitiful things I had ever seen. I want to break in and steal them all because I obviously don't support that practice. There was this one little sheltie that was the worst. He looked so sad and bored because he was in this little cage with no toys, nothing to do, a lot of noise around him, and no one playing with him or taking him out or anything! I don't understand why no one makes a big deal about puppy mills, it was so sad! They shouldn't be allowed, yet everyone is more concerned with protecting chickens that people are eventually going to eat instead of dogs that are forced to have litter after litter and puppies that have health and behavior issues because of how and where they're born. Enough preaching. Despite that it was a really fun night, but coming home there was so much fog that I had to go 30 the whole way and it was so creepy looking that I ran in the house and locked all the doors because I was scared. But then Emma curled up with me as soon as I crawled in bed, so that made me feel better.


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