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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

So I sent a valentine's package to Courtney. It's really cool, at least I think it's cool, and I really think that she's going to love it. I hope it makes her feel like someone from home is really thinking about her and loves her, because I love you Courtney!! Oh, random thought: I'm now on facebook, so y'all can friend me if you want! Anyway, so I went to the post-office and they acted like I was completely crazy for wanting to send a package to Ireland. Um, it's your job to ship things, please don't give me attitude. I was the one that had to fill out customs forms and such, it's not like it was a hassle to slap on the postage labels. But anyways...
I had a really good Valentine's Day. I got to talk to my parents and to Courtney, and I got a snow day, which never happens in college. It was just snowing so hard and so much that no one could get to class, so I got a surprise vacation and got to spend the whole day with Kat watching the beautiful snow. We exchanged presents about a week ago for various reasons, so I wasn't expecting anything, but he bought me a little potted Hyacinth and dessert for after dinner. It was really sweet. That evening we got dressed up and I made pasta carbonara, which was yummy, and had a romantic candle-lit dinner with a bottle of La Crema - my favorite affordable white wine. It was just a really nice day and night. Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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