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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I feel so spacy lately. I kinda think it's because I always let myself stress so much, so I'm trying not to do that too much and to focus on being efficient so that I can have some down time where I'm NOT stressing about stuff I have to do. Granted, by posting an entry I'm procrastinating on a paper, but hey, I'm not perfect. This weekend I stained a bed frame and put it together. It was frustrating, not fun. Oh, and going to IKEA on a saturday is not a good idea, for future reference. By the way, we didn't have a choice. It wasn't like we were thinking "Oh, when should we go? How about saturday, no one will be there!" It was our only option, but it wasn't too bad, there was traffic as we neared the city, but it wasn't horrible since we were going to New Jersey. It would have made no sense to fight our way to Long Island, that's farther away than the one in New Jersey. So we made a day of it and enjoyed having a mini-road trip. This weekend Kat's going to be at a race and Sarah's going to Maine. I'm supposed to go to Albany with some friends to see a movie that they won't play in any theater anywhere near here! So we're having a little field trip. It should be fun.


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