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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Um, Yeah...

I think I freaked out a little too much last night when I realized that Eddie Izzard was on the Graham Norton Show. Maybe it was because every time I see anything that has to do with him I now think about when we saw him live in the City; it was awesome/amazing/indescribable! That kind of made my night, especially when he and Graham decided that baboons are evil and had it confirmed by texting one of those services like chacha (it's like google for people who don't have internet browsing capabilities on their phones). The response was basically that they are evil because they taunt you by doing mean things to you if given the chance and then wave their red butts in your face.
So, yeah. Still just going on interviews and I'm a little stressed about bills right now. It's hard because I get hopeful for certain jobs, probably more for salary, I hate to admit, but I'm tired of feeling broke all the time and not being able to go out, and I'm either not sure if I've heard back from them or are just waiting for a response. The economy being so bad, not many people are actually hiring, and it seems that most of them are looking for insanely qualified people, sometimes even if it says no experience necessary. I know I need to make some money, but I wish I could do what most people seem to be doing now and stay in school or go back to school because I definitely have a plan of sorts and would like to realize it. Plus it would actually give me a salary that I would be happy with.


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