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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I know, it's been forever, and I'm not sure that anyone still reads this because of that, but I am seriously stuck in a rut on my project and have been trying to find yet another way to procrastinate working on it even though I know that I would be so much happier if I just did it! I don't know why a great deal of people function this way, but as for myself I can say that the reason I'm having problems getting my work done is that I hate it more than any kind of work I've done before. I'm so tired of the subject, I wish I didn't have to care what anyone thought of this because I think it's terrible. It's also forcing me to spend more than I want to on caffeine, and I'm becoming a shut-in and a recluse. If I'm not staring at my computer I feel guilty, so I can't manage to do anything else, no matter how productive it might be, and I do have other work I need to do. I hate my life for the next 21 days.


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