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Friday, October 05, 2007

Ha, ok...

Well. I feel really weird right now, like I haven't really gotten the hang of the semester yet, which is bad, but like I also don't care, which is also bad. Hopefully fall break will help so that I can get ahead a little in my classes so that I don't have anymore meltdowns reminiscent of my art homework incident last week. My problem is that I just shut down when I have so much to do. I work well under pressure, but not the overwhelming pressure of a long to do list. I just want this semester to be over, but at least the new radiohead cd comes out next week! I really wish I had the $80 for the box set, but I don't so I will have to settle on the download for now I suppose.
Emma caught another mouse on Monday and this time I had to watch. I felt bad for the mouse, but I didn't want it inside anymore, so if the cat is the easiest way to catch it, oh well, poor mouse. My adviser asked why I didn't let her kill it and I decided that there are two reasons to not let Emma kill the mouse. First of all, my dad told me that cats' canine teeth are perfectly spaced to snap small rodents' necks, but that cats don't know how to bite them correctly unless they learn from their mothers. This makes sense since I watched Emma repeatedly pick the mouse up by it's butt. Anyway, I don't want her to torture the poor thing to death. Secondly, she loses all her toys under furniture, so I don't want her to accidentally hide a dead mouse somewhere.
I am so tired of school!


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