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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I always enjoy coming home simply because our digital cable has Nickelodeon Games and Sports whereas the satellite TV at school does not. For anyone who does not know, this network shows the various "sports" and games programs that were shown on Nick when I was growing up. When I was younger I only got to watch Nick at my grandparents house, so at this point it is a guilty pleasure to catch up on my hokey-kids-game-shows. The real point of this is that I never actually liked watching GUTS because all the kids act like they're in shape, but they struggle to swim one lap across a pool. The only reasons I like this show are that they did a lot of stuff on bungee cords, and that at the end they all climb the aggro crag which the overall winner gets a piece of at the end of the show. I always wanted a piece for some reason, maybe it's just something that all kids of my generation wanted. I know it was huge and tacky and ugly. It was also probably radioactive because it glowed green even though it wasn't plugged into anything, so that's fun, but it's still a desire to own a piece of that stupid fake mountain and I have no idea why! I would end up hiding it in a closet! I have seen many people have a similar desire online, but the only person I have seen offering up their chunk was some guy who said he would give his to whoever won a basketball pool. Where are all these kids? I just saw some kid named Tony win. If they are embarassed by it you would think they would at least have tried to sell their piece on ebay or something. Where have all the Nick games kids gone?
My favorite show on Nick GAS is still Legends of the Hidden Temple. It has always been my favorite of the bunch. Granted, the kids are morons, and it really annoys me when they can't put together the silver monkey, (I mean it has three pieces: a butt, a middle, and a head, how hard is that?) but it is still more interesting in general and I still think that the temple looks really cool even though it's like 15 years old.


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