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Thursday, May 03, 2007


So, I totally got a solo in Dixit Dominus! Man, I don't know how though. My audition was like the worst thing I have ever heard because I was starting to get sick, which I am only getting over now. I basically squawked and screeched my way through it, like a bad one-person rendition of the old Dr. Doolittle movie. AND I somehow managed to forget how to count through music the day before during my voice lesson (which the girl who has a lesson right before me and is in choir with me too did as well...something strange is going on here.) and of course this lovely brain fart of stupidity made a reappearence in the audition, but not in choir that day, of course. So that made me happy.
Other than that, I am finding it incredibly impossible to do any of the things that I need to do for the end of the semester, like my brain just decided that I'm done with the semester and is ignoring it any proof to the contrary that I feed it. I even procrastinated on picking classes until like two days ago and registration starts tomorrow. That's normally fun, what is wrong with me? It's like I'm crashing and burning toward the end of the semester, like a dying phoenix, but without all the glamour and rebirth, so basically like a buzzard that's on fire and just fell out of a tree. Lovely, I know. I guess I am just in great need of a break in which I can help my mom organize photos from when I was eight (we really are doing it, Mom) and write snarky comments on things I think are funny and play with little children, which I will if I get the job at the childrens center. I hope I do!!! My week's starting looking up so maybe that luck will carry over. So yeah, long story short I was a pitiful wreck at the beginning of the week, but now I am a lot happier! For those who don't know, I saw a big black thing in the road and didn't realize it was a gigantic snapping turtle until I couldn't really slow down and was forced to stay in my lane by a stray car in the other lane who had unfortunate timing. Needless to say, my bumper hit his shell even though I missed him with my tires. So I got home and sobbed for twenty minutes because I saw that I hadn't killed him and I hate the idea that I made him suffer. And it seems that that messed up my exhaust system somehow so I have to take my car in tomorrow. But then we're having a birthday party for Kat, so say happy birthday to him if you haven't already!


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are going to laugh so hard in June that we will totally tone up our abs in the process!! I promise. love, mom


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