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Sunday, April 29, 2007


So I totally freaked out again about the future because I was thinking about how I didn't want any fashion stuff to be a lasting career, which I'm reconsidering now, and I was thinking more about speech pathology, which sounded interesting. But then I realized that not only would I be working with children, but also with old people who had strokes and things, and, to be completely honest, old people with physical signs of diseases and disorders like strokes make me really uncomfortable. So then I decided that writing would be my perfect career, and I then realized that it is really hard to get a million dollar book deal, but if that's all I can really shoot for, why not? So that makes me uneasy because I don't like uncertainty, but that's what the future is, no matter what you plan, so I better get used to it. I have no idea how to make my Glamour submission sound interesting since I have never had cancer or had a husband or child die from a freak tree accident. I mean, things that made me who I am today are my mom not making me freak out all the time, being retarded with Courtney and Sarah, and switching majors since it left me in the uncertainty mess that I am in today. I have no idea how any of those topics are more important that death and terrible things and sad stuff sells way better.


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