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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


In choir we're singing Dixit Dominus by Handel. According to our conductor, Handel must have been on crack when he was writing this because it's nuts! I'm one of 4 first sopranos, because all the rest of them were scared off and slunk back to the second soprano section. Today one first was absent and another was sick enough to not sing, so that left me and my friend Lilly by ourselves, singing freaking A's and B's over the whole choir. It's crazy, but pretty amazing. Part way through rehearsal we had to sing our part alone; kinda intimidating for us by ourselves, but our conductor, James, stopped and said that it is very rare that any two voices singing the same part, especially sopranos, blend together. That's why there are usually three or more people singing a part. So he said it was amazing how well we blended together, which was cool! It's nice to get complemented, but now my voice is tired.


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