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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I really need spring break, I think I'm getting delirious and I don't have the ability to not procrastinate right now. This weekend will be terrible, but awesome. I have so much art to do, it's not even funny, but Sarah and I are having an art marathon on Sunday complete with movies, snacks, and caffeine because we always get wiped out a few hours into doing art. I had a surprise lunch with Ruth today, who is also freaking out, mostly because of a bio test, but also because some guy sleep-walked into her room the other night...there's a reason to lock your door. Plus, I'm tired of it being so freaking cold! I'm sick of wearing pants. I long for beaches and sun-dresses, simply because it didn't get cold until like now. And it didn't snow until like now, so I was preparing myself for spring, but then winter kicked into gear. If it had been snowing this whole time, I would be less upset. I hate having to brush my car off every morning, but I always hate that. It's funny seeing freshmen that don't know what to do with snow, but kind of pitiful. Anyway, I'm tired.


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