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Friday, May 11, 2007

A Letter:

Dear Me,
I know that the to-do list you wrote out yesterday seems daunting, and that you are coming off a really good week, which you do not want to ruin by working all weekend, but please write your gigantic paper today so that I don't have to be stressed by more than registration for the next few days. And I know that you want to pay attention to the cat because you took her in for a shot today and don't want her to be mad at you, but she's not, so ignore her cute, innocent requests for attention so you can relax tonight and tomorrow night. Oh, and congratulations on getting the children's center job, but you're not starting it anytime soon, so forget about it. Just think, if you get all this stuff done now, everything will be better later, instead of vice versa. It was very nice of you to check in with me yesterday, you should do it more often...especially because I'm thirsty. Go get me some water. I'll talk to you later!

P.S. Thank you for not eating the whole box of cookies yesterday, it was nice to be able to go to bed without feeling like crap. Keep up the good work!


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