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Sunday, June 08, 2008


It's very surreal to have graduated from college, it hasn't really hit me yet. I still think it's very strange that I can go pick up my diploma right now and see my name on it. Sometimes I still think that someone is going to show up to my house and take it away and tell me that there was a mistake, just because school ended so abruptly that I don't feel that I really had any closure. I didn't have any finals and senior project was due a month before school was over. On a happier note I've started writing again, I guess senior project wasn't as traumatic as it felt at the time since I don't have an aversion to the writing process, though I don't think I'll be doing any research papers any time soon.
I'm also trying to enjoy doing nothing since this is my last real summer, at least until I have kids, but then I'll have a different kind of full-time job. Kat and I are discussing job possibilities for me next year, as I want to enjoy my job, and it would be nice if I could have the option to bring the puppy with me. I can't see myself in an office building so that seems like a more distinct possibility because of that. Since Kat is going to look into taking out student loans for living expenses it takes some of the financial pressure off of me, which is nice. I'm also trying to figure out what I want to do. I'm still really interested in physical therapy, but that seems like something that might have to wait until after kids since I would need several science undergrad credits before I could start the master's program for physical therapy, most of which are fairly evil, like organic chem, so I couldn't really do them in night or weekend classes since they're very extensive. Right now I'm just trying to look at what I could do with the talents and interests that I have and hopefully that can amount to something fulfilling.


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