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Sunday, October 15, 2006

This Week Should be Over...

...and it's not even Monday yet. My parents visited last weekend, which was awesome. My mom went into cleaning mode and fixed our kitchen, which was nice, but I was trying to get her to stop so we could go relax or do something else, but oh well. Our little girl, Emma, took a liking to my dad which is obvious in this naptime picture:

I think it's just precious. I finally finished my other sleeve, so I am getting super close to finishing my sweater!! Then I can pick up another unfinished project. My new rule is that I will work on one old and one new at a time, so I already have a new one, and when I finish the sweater, I will find another half done something to work on. I think this is a good thing. but the sheep and wool festival is next week, so lots of temptations for new projects... Posted by Picasa


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