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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is Sad

So today, my roommate and I managed to sit on the futon for three hours watching part of season 4 of Friends. Not only did we sit there basically not moving for three hours, but in that amount of time we consumed two separate bags of popcorn, mashed potatoes, ice cream and two cans of gross beer. I'm glad that she agrees that it was bad, or I would have just been depressed. So we're just gross...and sad. But in other news, we are very close to being able to secure a place to live next year, the next hurdles are finding/securing housemate(s) and giving a definite yes to a landlord - although right now there are only two that we're in contact with, so that shouldn't be hard. If I can just make it through all my work until the end of the semester, I just might survive. Also, the new issue of Knitty is up: They have the coolest pattern for a stuffed nautilus that I must make now. Other than that my projects are getting almost nowhere. Oh well.


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